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Description and Usage

Not only does the LIFTMEE BRUSH stimulate microcirculation in the skin by delivering 10,000 vibrations per
minute, but more than 50,000 fine cleansing bristles cleanse the skin pore-deep.
This is how the LIFTmee BRUSH can remove up to 6 times more residues than cleansing by hand, permitting a
much more effective absorption of facial cleansing products by the skin.
A must for anyone who wants a complexion full of radiance.

- Skin cleansed pore-deep, with a fresh, radiant complexion in just one minute
- Interchangeable brush head
- Watertight
- Easy to apply
- More thorough than manual face cleansing
- Removes even stubborn makeup residues

Experience luxurious facial cleansing

Application: After removing your makeup, moisten the brush head well and place a hazelnut-sized amount of cleanser
product on the brush head. Press the start button and gently massage the areas to be cleansed (face, neck and neckline) in a
circular motion. Then rinse your face with clear water. This can be followed by your usual skin-care steps. Clean the brush
with lukewarm water after use.

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