Micro-Vibrations Beauty-Tool für Augen- und Lippen-Partie 

  • regt Blut- und Lymphzirkulation an
  • Gerät zum einschleusen von Wirkstoffen
  • handliche Größe
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Description and Usage

Thanks to its effective yet gentle micro-vibration, LIFTmee LIP & EYE is a handy, professional beauty device
particularly well-suited for use on the sensitive skin of the lip and eye areas.

LIFTmee LIP & EYE is particularly appealing for its dual effect: Thanks to its micro-vibrations, valuable
ingredients from high-quality skin-care products such as serums or concentrates are infiltrated deep into the
sensitive areas of the skin, allowing them to develop an optimal effect.Circulation of blood and lymph is stimulated, at the same time, giving your skin a fresh and youthfulappearance. The vibration also relaxes the surface of the skin and contributes to a pleasant feeling on the skin.See how smile lines and tiny small dry lines, particularly around the lips and eyes, are visibly smoothed thanksto application of LIFTmee LIP & EYE smoothed and enjoy the new feeling of youthful skin!

For visibly smoother areas around lips and eyes
Application: After cleansing, apply sufficient serum or concentrate to the skin and work into the skin with small, circular
movements. The silver surface on the handle must be touched while applying.

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