Silikon Gesichtsreinigungsbürste

  • wasserfest
  • fördert Blutzirkulation und Stoffwechsel
  • reinigt sanft Porentief
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Description and Usage

This is how effective facial cleansing is done today:

With its gentle vibration, LIFTmee PULSE ensures deep cleansing and removal of dirt particles and make-up residues. The difference is noticeable after just a few applications: Your skin feels fresh and smooth and looks naturally beautiful and radiant.
You can also promote rejuvenation of your skin by using the device’s anti-aging mode.
The simple application with your cleansing product, e.g. WELLMAXX Hyaluron Face Wash, can also be done in the shower: LIFTmee PULSE is waterproof.
That is how this innovative device quickly becomes a smart tool that you will not want to do without in your bathroom.

For fresh, smooth and deep-cleansed skin

Application: Remove your makeup, moisten your face and apply your cleaning product. Press the start button to activate the device. Set the desired vibration frequency using the +/- buttons. Now cleanse your face with circular movements. The device can be rinsed under running water after use.

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