With these small beauty-wonder ampoules, you will achieve an intense effect in no time. Depending on the active ingredient ampoule used, you will notice a strong boost in anti-aging effect or in vitality of moisturized skin.

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concentrates + hibiskus anti-wrinkle effect fluid

Active-ingredient concentrate with hibiscus extract

Effective anti-wrinkle concentrate with the natural power of the hibiscus as active ingredient. The plant-based protein complex provides intensive care and helps reduce expression lines while providing the skin with antioxidant protection for more vigor and freshness.

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    WELLMAXX concentrates anti wrinkle boost Ampullen
    concentrates anti wrinkle boost 7x2ml

    Active ingredient concentrate ampoules with immediate firming effect for wrinkles

    14 ml
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    14 ml 192,50 € / 100 ml

WELLMAXX collagen

Moisturizing body cream for a velvety skin feeling. A collagen and elastin booster gives the skin a firm appearance. Hyaluron and vitamin E additionally improve the moisture penetration of the skin.

Collagen series

WELLMAXX hyaluron

Its unique combination of active ingredients makes WELLMAXX hyaluron an innovative moisture care product that provides effective support to optimize your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Hyaluron series
Wellmaxx skineffect sensible Haut

WELLMAXX skineffect

This dermatologically oriented cosmetic product normalizes and soothes sensitive skin. Wrinkles can be visibly mitigated, thanks to additional anti-aging properties with the active ingredient of hyaluron.

Sensitive series


The cosmetic series with CELLDETOX® and marine plankton extract offers your skin effective protection and provides it with ample moisture. The skin looks visibly smoothed and full of elasticity – the complexion shines!

Detox series
WELLMXX cellular lift

WELLMAXX cellular lift

Peptides form the basis of an intelligent anti-aging strategy. Important skin functions are re-stimulated and may result in improved firmness and greater resistance by your skin.

Peptide series

WELLMAXX concentrates

With these small beauty-wonder ampoules, you will achieve an intense effect in no time. Depending on the active ingredient ampoule used, you will notice a strong boost in anti-aging effect or in vitality of moisturized skin.

Ampoule series
Wellmaxx Shape Körper


These body lotions are perfect for shaping the silhouette and for smoothing the contours of the skin. If the distribution of moisture in the tissue is improved, the skin is left looking firm and taut, and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

Body-toning series


With state-of-the-art ingredients and exquisite oils, the phase² solution concentrates once again set new standards for radiantly beautiful skin.

Phase² series

WELLMAXX concentrates: A select concentration of active ingredients for an intensive effect

With WELLMAXX concentrates, discover tiny powerhouses for your skin and rely on select, active power boosters. Ampoules with different active ingredients promote a refined complexion and provide your skin with natural skin-care components. Our highly concentrated ampoules of active ingredients are wellsuited to meeting numerous skin needs. If normal skin care is no longer enough for strained and stressed skin, WELLMAXX concentrates ensure a noticeable effect. But even if you want to achieve an intense effect within a short time, for example, our ampoules are a good choice.

Your personal beauty miracle

The various active ingredients provided to you in the WELLMAXX concentrates series vials can visually fill in tiny wrinkles and deliver more moisture to dry skin. The active power boosters not only provide relief for your tired complexion; they also promote a fresh, brisk radiance. Use the tiny glass ampoules to lend your skin a hand and decide for a daily skin-care highlight. Each ampoule contains highly concentrated active ingredients selected by us. Thanks to the liquid consistency, your skin can absorb the active ingredients quickly, so that they can develop their effects there.

The added skin care for quick relief.

Our WELLMAXX concentrates ampoules are added skin care of your very own. Your skin gets the exact amount of active ingredients it needs. Our ampoules of active ingredient are a delight, and not just for their content. The concentrates flatter the skin, feel supple and exude a pleasant fragrance that will treat you to your very own personal wellness moment during your daily skin-care rituals. The substances we have selected begin in different areas, depending on the ampoule. They can tighten and revitalize your skin. Compared to normal creams, as a single dose, the WELLMAXX concentrates ampoules offer a much higher concentration, one that takes effect within just a few seconds.

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